FunCakes and KitchenAid collaboration

FunCakes and KitchenAid are joining forces to promote each other’s colour of the year. Last November, FunCakes launched its sugar paste colour of the year 2023, Honey Gold. This greying shade of yellow is both cheerful and sweet and calm. Although the cake decoration industry is usually characterised by loud, primary colours, we are going to see these greyed shades take the cake world by storm in 2023 as well.


In early February, KitchenAid presented its colour of the year 2023, Hibiscus.
Like the flower, their colour of the year stands out. According to KitchenAid, the energetic and cheerful Hibiscus gives your kitchen a touch of spice and makes cooking extra fun. The Artisan Mixer and K400 blender have been released in the Hibiscus colour, which has a matt finish.


To draw attention to both colours, a nice collaboration has been created, where FunCakes is allowed to give away two Artisan Mixers in the Hibiscus colour through a nice win action. After all, as an (avid) home baker, an Artisan Mixer is a kitchen essential.


Want to know more? Visit the link for more information about the giveaway.